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​Testimonials 证言

V Koh

I was suffering from hair loss and decided to seek TCM treatment. Went to visit their Jurong branch in April 2021 and was given weekly acupuncture and tcm herbs to consume. 3 months later my hair growth has been tremendous.

J Xiao

Lately, my girl have this phlegmy cough that keeps her awake at night. She would vomit out phlegm with milk on a nightly basis. The western medicine from PD doesnt seem to be helping her much.

Based from word of mouth, I was recommended to try Shandong TCM. Just after 1 session of massage, nose spa, back heating and topical medicine. We see an improvement in her condition. Her smiles returned the next day.

She is still recovering from the cold. I feel that TCM is effective in helping reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Furthermore, the Chinese physicians working there are friendly and has tools and strategies to keep the child engaged and cooperative during the treatment. 

N Koh


W Cheow

Very effective in treating cough and colds for my infant and toddler kids. Can actually see a big improvement within the day after their tuina even before taking their medicine.

My son also seems to have lesser occurrences of cold hands and legs as well as better general health after a few treatments for poor appetite.
Strongly recommended as an option for all parents to consider.
I have seek treatment for a month long persistent cough for myself before and recovered after a few days of medicine.

T Huang

I have unexplained bleeding gums and I can't sleep well. I am so glad that I found Shandong TCM. I had some medication and I can sleep better. Thank you  Zheng Yi Shi and thank you Shandong TCM.

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