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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: It is my first time visiting the clinic, what do I have to bring for registration?
A: Please bring along birth certificate or NRIC/FIN for registration.

Q: What details do I need to provide to register for my subsequent visits?

A: You may either provide: 

     1. The mobile number used to register during the first visit

     2. NRIC number

     3. Card number

Q: Can I book an appointment?
A: Yes, you may make a call to our clinic.

134 Clinic: 6564 6335

Treatment and Medication Matters

Q: Can I feed my child before the massage?
A: Yes, it is recommended to ensure your child is not hungry before the massage. However, kindly inform the physician or therapist if your child had a heavy meal right before the massage. 

Q: I am taking other medication. Can I also take TCM herbs or medication?
A: Please inform the physician if you are on other medication.

Transport Matters

Q: Is there parking around or in the building?
A:  Yes. We have limited HDB parking in a nearby multi-storey carpark. We recommend you coming to our clinic by foot, public transport or, if needed, taxi/hired transport.

Q: How do I get here by public transport?
A: The nearest MRT and bus interchange from our clinic is Jurong East station.

Payment and Claims

Q: Can I pay with NETS/Credit Card?
A: Yes, you may make payment by NETS. You may also use PayNow, PayLah!, Alipay, American Express and your Singapore bank's iBanking function. 

Q: Are you certified by Ministry of Health?
A: Yes. All our physicians are certified under the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act under MOH.

Q: Can I claim for insurance or company medical benefits?

A: It depends on your insurance or company policy. Most major insurance companies now insure TCM treatments. Please ask the counter for an official receipt for your claims.

Q: Are your Medical Certificates recognized?
A: It depends on your company or school policy on MCs issued by TCM physicians.
Please inform the physician beforehand if you require an MC.

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