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Herbal Vapour Therapy 药物熏疗

In TCM, it is believed that respiratory conditions can be treated through the nose. Due to external factors, namely, changes in humidity and presence of allergenic micro-particles, the tissue lining in the nasal cavities and sinuses may swell or become inflamed. Hence, irritation occurs in the eyes, nose and throat and manifests as itch, pain or flu symptoms. 


Contrary to mistaken belief that the Herbal Vapour Therapy (HVT) is akin to a nebuliser, the mechanism behind HVT is one of its kind. The Nose Spa machine emits herbal vapour at the optimal temperature of 43°C and enters the circulatory system directly through the opened pores in the nasal membrane. This reduces nasal inflammation by thinning out the thick mucus and filters out micro-particles such as allergens, thus facilitating the speedy recuperation of nasal functions.


When it comes to treating common flu, rhinitis, sinusitis and other nasal-related conditions, Western prescriptions typically contain antibiotics and anti-allergens. However, the result is far from ideal. Through the use of the Nose Spa machine, we prescribe herbal formulations customised to your individual body constitution, which makes HVT a more effective method.


Unlike western medicine, HVT formulation is distilled from 100% pure herbs with no added preservatives. Shandong TCM will endeavour to cater to individual health conditon and customise your herbal formulation accordingly for best results.


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Types of Medicine 药水种类:

  • 辛凉解表 Relief "Cold" Flu

  • 辛温解表 Relief "Heaty" Flu

  • 清热解毒 Anti-inflammatory

  • 增强抵抗力 To improve immune system

  • 抗过敏 Anti-allergen

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