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Medicinal Plasters 药膏

medicinal plasters for children, pediatric , fever, constipation, cough, bedwetting, improve appetite, joint pain, eczema cream, shandong tcm
external medication for children, pediatric

Our clinic provides a wide range of self-made medicinal plasters specially meant for children as an alternative to consuming medicine. 




Types of Plaster 药膏种类

 1. Fever Plaster 清热膏

  •  Relief fever 治疗发烧


 2. Constipation Plaster 通便膏

  •  Relief constipation 治疗便秘


 3. Cough Plaster 咳喘药膏

  • Relief persistant cough 治疗反复咳嗽,

  • Chronic bronchitis 慢性支气管炎,

  • Acute bronchitis 急性支气管炎,

  • Pneumonia 肺炎 and

  • Asthma 哮喘


 4. Bedwetting Plaster 遗尿膏

  •  Relief nocturnal enuresis 治疗夜间遗尿


 5. Spleen Strengthening Plaster 暖脾膏

  • Relief diarrhea 治疗泄泻,

  • Gastric flu 肠胃型感冒,

  • Bloatedness 腹胀,

  • Abdominal pain 胃痛腹痛 and

  • Vomitting 呕吐


 6. Appetite Invigorating Plaster 开胃膏

  • Relief malnourishment 治疗消瘦,

  • Lack of appetite 胃口不好,

  • Anorexia 厌食 and

  • Soft Stools 大便软


 7. Joint Plaster 痹痛膏

  • Relief joint pain 治疗关节疼痛


 8. Eczema Cream 紫草膏

  • Relief itchiness and moisturise skin dryness due to eczema, rashes etc 治疗湿疹等皮肤病导致的皮肤瘙痒、皮肤干燥破裂


9. Snoring Plaster 打呼贴

  • Treats snoring and stubborn phlegm in the throat 治疗打鼾,化喉咙的顽痰

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